Exploring for molybdenum in Quebec

The rise in molybdenum prices since the start of this decade has been nothing less than spectacular, and market prices appear to have stabilized at much higher levels than those seen in the 1990s. The situation is clearly very favourable for molybdenum exploration, which has been relatively neglected in Quebec.

Most of the world’s molybdenum is produced as a by-product from porphyry copper deposits with the balance coming from porphyry molybdenum deposits. In Québec, there are many known deposits of the former type, notably in the Appalachian Mountains (including the Gaspé Copper mine, a former Mo producer), and in the Superior Province. A number of porphyry-type molybdenum occurrences are also known, and although no such deposit has ever been mined in Quebec, the discovery potential is promising for several regions.

This document provides a brief summary of the molybdenum market, the metallogeny of molybdenum, exploration methods, and target regions in Quebec.

The mission of SIDEX is to invest in companies engaged in mineral exploration in Quebec in order to diversify the province’s mineral base and open new territories to exploration.

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