Exploring for uranium in Quebec

The price of uranium has doubled in the last two years and the current global energy picture has prompted predictions of an increased demand for uranium in the near future.

Taken in this context, exploration for primary uranium resources is again relevant. Quebec has been the focus of uranium exploration since the first wave in the 1970’s and 80’s, and thus presents an obvious potential.

Known uranium concentrations in the province occur in unconformity type settings, as sedimentary hosted mineralization unrelated to unconformities, and in association with intrusive rocks (pegmatites, granitoids, skarns). The potential for iron oxide (U-Cu-Au) deposits has yet to be properly evaluated.

This overview presents a short synthesis of the uranium market and deposit types, as well as a summary of the regions in Quebec that are of interest for uranium exploration.

The goal of SIDEX is to invest in companies conducting mineral exploration in Quebec in order to diversify the province’s mineral base and open new territories to exploration.

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