About us


The Diversification of Exploration Investment Partnership (SIDEX Limited Partnership) was established by the Government of Quebec and the Fonds de solidarité FTQ.


The mission of SIDEX is to invest in companies engaged in mineral exploration in Quebec in order to:

  • Diversify Quebec’s mineral base by promoting exploration for minerals with attractive market potential;
  • Stimulate investments for the exploration of existing mining districts that show strong potential for diversification;
  • Open new territories with strong discovery potential to exploration and attract new investments, thus generating a leverage effect
  • Promote new entrepreneurs and innovation.

Investment Strategy:

SIDEX is an institutional fund that mainly invests in the share capital of companies.

SIDEX started with a total investment budget of $50 million and has invested, to date, over $90 million in mineral exploration companies and their projects in Québec.

Target Companies:

Mineral exploration companies based in Québec or elsewhere that:

  • have mineral exploration programs in Québec
  • have projects in Québec that meet our mission objectives